If you ain't a Larry shipper, you ain't sh*t.

Hi, I'm Thabby. You'll either find me sitting on my throne or sleeping away my sorrows. Life gets to me sometimes and I forget who I am. A Queen.

Okay maybe to you it’s a cute gif.

But to me, it’s a feels torturing machine okay.

The way that Harry crouches down and Louis tries to avoid him but he can’t is way too much. Let me explain.

You know when you have a crush on someone and they do something that could easily annoy you but it doesn’t because that’s how much you like them? You protest like,” stoooooop” but in that flirty way because you really don’t want them to stop. Well same applies here.

Harry sees Louis and does it on purpose to block his way, when Louis tries to go one way, Harry goes the same way, Louis tries another way and it’s the same story.

If you look at Harry’s he’s basically like,” where are you going to go baby, I’ve got you trapped haha.”
Then it brings us to Louis who’s trying to get away from his boyfriend but his actions say,” stooppp baby .”

In other words if they weren’t in concert and were in their flat, Louis would try going the other way but Harry would catch him and Louis would be like,”noooo!” then he would wrap his arms around Harry’s neck and they would kiss. Harry would pull back for a little bit and say,”you can never escape me baby”, and Louis would reply ,” I never want to”, and he would give Harry a peck but Harry would catch his lips and deepen the kiss as he pulls him closer by the waist.


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