If you ain't a Larry shipper, you ain't sh*t.

Hi, I'm Thabby. You'll either find me sitting on my throne or sleeping away my sorrows. Life gets to me sometimes and I forget who I am. A Queen.

    It's gunna go like this..trust me.

  • Grimmy: Now we have louis from one direction with us, hi Louis
  • Louis: nigguh who is you thoughhhh?
  • Grimmy: uhm is this Louis..?
  • Lou: uhm is this a 3 way?
  • Grimmy: no...
  • Louis: dangg you smart
  • Louis: iight so watcha want?
  • Grimmy: well we have an interview scheduled for today
  • Louis: oh shit my bad let me check my calendar...
  • Grimmy: well...
  • Louis: Nah i didnt see it, but wait there is something scheduled here
  • Grimmy: what? What is it?
  • Louis: it says here on september 26 at 7:34 pm...
  • Grimmy: what what what is it? It says what?
  • Louis: That NIck raggedy ratchet hipster wannabe hitting on my boyfriend nigga Grimshaw shuts the hellllll up.
  •  *click* beep beep..
  • Grimmy: uhm hello?
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